McDVoice Customer Survey

By | May 22, 2019


McDonald’s was founded in the year 1940 and it’s the very first fast food restaurant that opened its doors to the people from outside in 1938 on the places like North E Street, West 14th Street, San Bernardino, California, USA.

McDVoice Customer Survey

The founders of McDonald’s are Richard and Maurice and needless to say, McDonald’s is the largest chain of restaurants in the world. In a recent survey about the statistics on this brand, it has been found that McDonald’s has over fifty thousand stores. This is one of the favorite fast food companies among the consumers for burgers, cheeseburgers, desserts, chicken soft drinks, smoothies, rolls, fries, and breakfast, etc.

McDVoice Customer Survey

Being a global fast-food leader, McDonald’s strives to continue improving and improvising, in order to maintain its place. And to achieve this feat, it has decided to engage with its customers, and improve its service through customer surveys and customer feedback. McDonald’s today offers a survey for its customers to take, called McDVoice.

McDVOICE is no other than the official website of this gigantic food chain where you can give reviews and user feedback about your own experiences during your last visit to the store. In exchange for providing feedback on the survey, the customer is rewarded with coupons and discounts for free BOGO menu items of their choice. McDonald’s also has started a new system of giving the feedback givers various voucher coupons that include free sandwiches and a lot of assortments. This is the price for taking part in their survey.

After taking the McDVoice survey, the customer gets a Buy One Get One free item menu coupon of their choice. The customer has to use the code on their receipts to opt for the online survey.

Here are the steps to complete the customer survey:

  • Purchase at a McDonald’s store or outlet and keep your receipt handy.
  • Go to survey website or navigate through McDonald’s main page for survey details.
  • Input the 26 digit code on the receipt in the entry box on the survey homepage.
  • The code is written on the top of the receipt.
  • If your receipt doesn’t have a survey code printed, you can still use the receipt to enter the store visit information and provide feedback on the survey link instead.
  • Choose your preferred language, either English or Spanish out of the options, which you would like to enter details for the survey.
  • Answer all the survey questions.
  • Write down or save the code you will receive upon completion of the survey.
  • This code will be needed at your next visit to any McDonald’s store within the next 30 days.
  • Using the code, you can redeem the Buy One Get One free food items on the menu.

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Even today, in apps like Zomato and UberEATS, there is an option of providing feedback about the delivery personnel and about the restaurant from which the food is ordered. All these food chains have ultimately established that customer is the king and hence, the customer’s feedback is of prime importance. A similar strategy is being established by McDonald’s here.

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